Friday, December 6, 2013

A Gaming Mecca: The Board Room Game Cafe

Rejoice Nova Scotia gamers! On November 16'th The Board Room Game Cafe had its Grand Opening here in Halifax.

Street-level view of the cafe at 1256 Barrington Street in beautiful and historic downtown Halifax. Boo-YAH!

The first thing you'll see upon entry is the cafe's ever-expanding retail section, featuring a nice assortment high-profile games and "cult of the new" titles.

A $5.00 entry fee gets you access to the cafe's prodigious game library of over four-hundred titles. Throw down with a familiar classic or have one of the cafe's "Game Bosses" teach you something new! Remember my motto: your new favorite game is the one you haven't played yet.   

Chock-a-clock with gamey goodness, these shelves represent endless options. Regardless of how many players you have, what your experience level is or how much time you've got to spend, there's something here for everybody!  

It's fun to watch those eyes light up whenever people see a wall filled with light strategy and card games. At The Board Room Game Cafe you can play Mall Madness as ironically (or un-ironically) as you want!   

Whether it's a first date or you're rollin' in with a posse of seven other peeps, The Board Room Game Cafe has you covered!  

Lookin' to settle in for the night? The cafe has a slew of meatier options for all you hardcore card-floppers and die-chuckers out there!  

Speaking of meaty, the cafe offers plenty of options when it comes to gamer fuel. Try a grilled sammich, a dippin' platter or indulge that sweet tooth with a variety of tasty baked goods! After all that "Om-nom-nom"-ing you can wash down your meal with a fortifying espresso beverage, tea, hot chocolate, some locally brewed beers, wine, cider or a Jitterbug soda!    

The cafe has plenty of gaming tables, but space was at a premium on Grand Opening day.

Everywhere you looked, people were having a blast...

   Reservoir Dogs Charades? Nope, just some aggressive negotiations during a typically-contentious game of Ca$h n' Gun$.  

I managed to get in on the fun, eking out a quick match of Animal Upon Animal. Curse your manual dexterity, John!

Watch It Played's Rodney Smith made the pilgrimage to Halifax in order to celebrate the cafe's grand opening and spend some quality time!

When Rodney overheard a group of people lamenting that Takenoko was already in play, he quickly came to the rescue. He grabbed his super-sized version of the game, ran over to the "comfy couch" and taught it to them on the spot! Needless to say, they were both delighted and entertained! 



By all accounts, the cafe's Grand Opening was a tremendous success. Since then they've instituted some fantastic weekly special events. Don't have a regular group to game with? Then pop down for  Monday's Open Gaming Nights. Wanna kick-start your $5.00 Free Admission card? Then Two-Stamp Tuesday is calling your name. To keep abreast of upcoming events, be sure to check out the cafe's Bookface page right hur.  

So, if you find yourself anywhere in the vicinity of the HRM, be sure to visit The Board Room Game Cafe. With its relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, incredible eats, delightful beverages, fantastic staff and boundless stock of entertainment value, the cafe is a mandatory destination for coffee hounds, foodies and game fans alike! 


  1. I am incredibly jealous to be in St. Louis and not Halifax. That cafe looks AMAZING. Thanks for sharing the photos.