Monday, January 29, 2018

Star Wars Destiny Galactic Rumble - Part One

So, with the recent release of Legacies, I put together a few new Star Wars Destiny decks and tweaked my preexisting ones.

Here's what they look like:

Imperial War Machine

Characters: Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot, General Veers - Field Commander, Veteran Stormtrooper
Battlefield: Imperial Academy

Supports: Imperial HQ,  E-Web Emplacement, Armored Support, Attrition, Tech Team
Vehicles: Speeder Bike Scout, AT-ST, AT-DP
Droids: Interrogation Droid, Probe Droid

Upgrade: n/a
Abilities: Imperial Discipline, Promotion
Equipment: Plastoid Armor
Vehicle: 74-Z Speeder Bike
Weapons: Infantry Grenades, T7 Ion Disruptor Rifle, EMP Grenades

Events: Take Prisoner, Tactical Mastery, Imperial Envoy, First Strike, Occupation, Flanking Maneuver, Covering Fire, Probe, Firepower, Imperial Backing,  Imperial War Machine, Imperial Might, Pinned Down

"What's A Padawan?"

Characters: Luke Skywalker (Elite) - Unlikely Hero and Obi-Wan Kenobi - Mysterious Hermit
Battlefield: Obi-Wan's Hut

Supports: It Binds All Things, Your Eyes Can Deceive You, Perseverance 
Vehicles: n/a
Droids: R2-D2

Upgrades: Journals of Ben Kenobi
Abilities: Force Focus,  Akashi Training x 2, One With The Force, Inner Strength, Psychometry
Equipment: n/a
Vehicle: n/a
Weapons: Hidden Blaster, Lightsaber, Hunting Rifle x 2, Heirloom Lightsaber, Shoto Lightsaber

Events: Heightened Awareness, Invigorate, Guard, Distraction, Force Vision, Voices Cry Out, Rejuvenate, Noble Sacrifice, Alter, Mislead, Bestow, Krayt Dragon Howl, Mind Trick

Millennial Falcon

Characters: Rey - Force Prodigy, Padawan, Finn - First Order Defector
Battlefield: Starship Graveyard

Supports: It Binds All Things, Jedi Council, Awakening 
Support - Vehicles: Quadjumper
Support - Droids: BB-8

Upgrades: n/a
Abilities: Second Chance, Force Heal, Force Training
Equipment: Jedi Robes
Vehicle: n/a
Weapons: Rey's Staff, Rey's Lightsaber

Events: Draw Attention, Take Cover, Riposte, Heroism, Defensive Stance, Draw Attention, Deflect x 2, Unpredictable, Dodge, Block x 2, Mind Trick, Willpower, Negotiate, Use The Force, Flank, Daring Escape, Let The Wookiee Win.

Servants of the Dark Side

Characters:  Servant of the Darkside and Darth Vader (Elite) - Sith Lord
Battlefield:  Emperors Throne Room - Death Star II

Supports: Power Of The Darkside, Emperor's Favor
Vehicles: Darth Vader's TIE Advanced
Droids: n/a

Upgrades: Now I Am The Master
Abilities:  Force Choke, Force Throw, Immobilize
Equipment:  Sith Holocron
Vehicle: n/a
Weapons:   Lightsaber Pike, Vibroknife, Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber

Events: Pulling The Strings, Dodge x 2, Force Strike x 2, Lightsaber Throw, Isolation x 2, Block x 2,  Abandon All Hope, No Disintegrations x 2, The Power Of The Force x 2, Your Skills Are Complete, It Will All Be Mine, Lightsaber Pull, Battle of the Wills

Charming Rogues

Characters: Han Solo - Scoundrel and Lando Calrissian - Galactic Entrepreneur
Battlefield:  Port District - Bespin

Supports:  Double Dealing, Street Informants, Black Market, Outmaneuver
Vehicles: Millennium Falcon
Droids: n/a

Upgrades: Con Artist, Hidden Agenda
Abilities:  n/a
Equipment:  Comlink, Quickdraw Holster
Vehicle: n/a
Weapons: Scatterblaster, DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol x 2, Bowcaster 

Events: Bravado, Confidence, Cheat, "Fair" Trade, All In, Block, Hyperspace Jump, Scramble, Shoot First, Smuggling, Dodge, Let The Wookiee Win, Double-Cross, Never Tell Me The Odds, Against The Odds, Take Cover and Quick Draw

The Dork Side

Characters: Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple, Captain Phasma - Elite Trooper, Nightsister
Battlefield:  Frozen Wastes - Starkiller Base

Supports:  Power Of The Darkside
Vehicles: First Order TIE Fighter
Droids: n/a

Upgrades: Lure of Power, Force Stasis, Immobilize, Mind Probe
Abilities: n/a
Equipment: n/a
Vehicle: n/a
Weapons: Kylo Ren's Lightsaber, Captain Phasma's Blaster, F-11 D rifle

Events: Feel Your Anger, Firepower, Isolation, Closing The Net, Pulling The Strings, Enrage x 2, The Power Of The Force, Parry, Drop Your Weapon, Kill Them All, As You Command, Ruthless Tactics, New Orders, Decisive Blow, Leadership, Undying Loyalty x 2, Tactical Mastery, Subjugate, Clash.

Wonder Twin Powers - Activate!

Characters:  Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight and Leia Organa - Born Leader
Battlefield:  Moisture Farm - Tatooine

Supports:  Launch Bay x 2, Strike Team, Outpost
Vehicles: n/a
Droids: C-3PO and R2-D2

Upgrades: Teamwork
Ability:  Fearless, Force Training, Coordination, Force Protection
Equipment:  Jedi Robes
Vehicle: n/a
Weapons: DH 17 Blaster Pistol, Lightsaber, Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber

Events: Daring Escape, Our Only Hope, Willpower, Block, Leadership, Dodge, Deflect, The Day Is Ours, Fierce Resolve, Defiance, Take Cover, Determination, Force Misdirection, Lightsaber Pull, Strategic Planning

We DO Need Their Scum

Characters: Boba Fett (Elite) - Deadly Mercenary and Bossk - Wookiee Slayer
Battlefield:  Mos Eisley - Spaceport

Supports:  Weapon Cachet, My Kind Of Scum, Black Market, Infamous, Hutt Ties, Underworld Connections 
Vehicles: Z 95 Headhunter, Hound's Tooth, Slave-1
Droids: n/a

Upgrades: Prized Possession
Abilities:  Deadly, Hunter Instinct, Jetpack
Equipment: Mandalorian Armor, Cable Launcher 
Vehicle: n/a
Weapons: Thermal Detonator x 2, Hidden Blaster, Relby VE 10 Mortar Gun, Flame Thrower, Wrist Rockets

Events: He Doesn't Like You, Threaten, Entangle, Subdue, Go For The Kill, Take Flight, Relentless, Pursuit x 2, Evade


Wonder Twin Powers - Activate! Vs. Servants of the Dark Side 

The Dark Side might have had the initiative but Luke and Leia got the duke in this one. Leia was defeated but Luke survived the match with only a single damage. This is due, in no small part, to the vicious combination of C-3PO and Launch Bay.

Notwithstanding some horrendous luck, my Servants of the Dark Side deck could also use some damage mitigation and perhaps the ability to destroy Supports, if such a thing exists. I'm also thinking about swapping out the Battlefield and pairing a single Vader up with Thrawn, but I'm hesitant to break up the Elite Sith Lord.

Winner: Wonder Twin Powers - Activate! 

"What's A Padawan?" Vs. The Dork Side 

Kylo and company kicked off this one. Luke's insane Power Action made short work of the Nightsister but Ren struck back with a Mind Probe, eventually defeating Luke. Ben returned the favor by annihilating Phasma. Ben Swolo ultimately had his revenge, paying one Resource to resolve a three-point Melee strike to win the game with seven health left remaining.

Obi-Wan had five Melee and three Ranged damage in the hopper so this one really could have gone either way. Giving Kenobi One With The Force was awesome but the Dark Side's consistent use of the Mind Probe's Special was even better.

In the next tournament I'll swap out my Elite Trooper Phasma for the Ruthless Tactician version.

Winner: The Dork Side

Charming Rogues Vs. We DO Need Their Scum

Han and Lando started things off. Bossk took an early beating but Fett clobbered Lando with both his Special Ability and equipped Flamethrower, eventually turning him into a briquette. Han polished off Bossk and then played Scramble to shake up Fett's lethal-looking dice pool but it resulted in a frying pan / fire situation. The resulting four point Flamethrower killed Han, leaving Boba with a single life.

Another close one. I don't own Chewbacca - Loyal Friend but he's on the way and I may sub him in. Having said that, I really like Lando's ability to start with an extra Resource.

Winner: We DO Need Their Scum

Millennial Falcon Vs. Imperial War Machine

The Impies started things off but it took forever for both decks to get going. The Imperials definitely need more vehicles and weapons and the Finn / Rey deck could use a spruce up, since I haven't added any new cards to it since Awakenings.

Eventually the Veteran Stormtrooper got killed under a combined hail of Ranged and Melee damage. Fun fact: by the mid-way point of the match the Imperials had zero Upgrades on the table and I'd forgotten to perform Rey's bonus-Action-for-an-Upgrade special ability on at least two occasions.

Now appropriately pimped out, Ray proceeded to go ham on Veers, eliminating him. The bad guys finally got the AT-DP and a Speeder Bike Scout into play (augmented with Imperial Might) but it was a case of too little, too late. The Padawan was defeated but Rey countered with her Staff for five Melee damage, knocking Cienna right the fux out.

Full disclosure: the Imperial deck had some pretty crappy luck. I did pull the AT-ST, but only right at the very end of the game. * cue sad trombone sound *

Winner: Millennial Falcon


Wonder Twin Powers - Activate! Vs. We DO Need Their Scum

Luke and Leia had the initiative in this match. Fett used Relentless Pursuit to move damage from Luke to Leia, killing her. Luke then got rocked by a combination of Fett's special and 2-Ranged damage from Bossk's Relby. Launch Bay came into play late, initiating a crippling three-card discard.

Fett and Bossk conspired to deal another whopping six damage to Luke in one Action. Luke battled back, delivering five points of hurt to Fett, killing him. Bossk then made short work of Monsieur Skywalker with a combination of the Headhunter's three damage augmented with a +2 from Slave-1.

Note: before Fett was lost I had a Flamethrower, Bossk's Relby, Hunter's Instinct, the Hounds Tooth, a Headhunter, Slave 1 and Underworld Connections all on the table. A pretty brutal tableau indeed!

Winner: We DO Need Their Scum

The Dork side Vs. Millennial Falcon

Kylo and pals went first but it was another slow start. The bad guys drew first blood, using Power Of The Force to polish off the Padawan. The Quadjumper provided a pivotal Focus and Rey used the resulting three Staff damage to conk out the Nightsister. Phasma then used another Power Of The Force to get the Resources required to pay for a four-point Ranged attack against the wounded Finn, killing him.

The good guys got a bit greedy trying to set up a 7-point Melee damage turn which required one Resource but the plan was deflated when they failed to notice the TIE's single Disrupt. Phasma clobbered Rey for six damage and the First Order TIE delivered the coup de grace after Kylo used Enrage to generate the one Resource needed to fuel it.

Winner: The Dork Side


The Dork Side Vs. We DO Need Their Scum

Kylo and company had the first turn. Fett and Bossk delivered a tsunami of damage, quickly ganking the Nightsister. The TIE and Phasma returned fire, dealing five points of damage to Fett. A timely re-roll allowed Fett and Bossk to foist an insane seven damage back on Ren and then they Prize Possession-ed him on the next turn! Phasma retaliated with three damage on Fett and then dealt one more next turn, finishing him off.

Bossk fired back, killing Kylo. After the Trandoshan procured his customized Relby, he plowed Phasma right in her chrome bucket for three points of damage. Undeterred, Phasma responded with a well-played re-roll to accumulate seven Ranged damage.

Bossk answered with Hunters Instinct for two damage and managed to sneak in another two next round but this would be the bounty hunter's last gasp. Phasma paid one Resource for three points of damage on Bossk, courtesy of the TIE Fighter. She won with only two health remaining!

Winner: The Dork Side

Final Standings

The Dork Side...3 Points 
We DO Need Their Scum...2 Points 
Millennial Falcon...1 Point 
Wonder Twin Powers...Activate!...1 Point
Servants of the Darkside...0 Points
Charming Rogues...0 Points
Imperial War Machine...0 Points


Hey, that was fun! After I build a few new decks and tweak my existing ones I'm gonna do a few more of these posts and keep accumulating the stats.

Feel free to make make suggestions for improvements or list your own favorite designs in the comments below. Just keep in mind that my main motivation for including a given card in a deck is that it just so happen to have the featured character's pictures on them!

Sorry, but if I have a choice between "killer deck" and "thematic deck", I'm always gonna go with the latter!

Have fun out there and don't be afraid to discard to re-roll!