Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Critical Update...

Guten tag, Game Fans!

Soooo, you might have noticed that posts have become a lot less frequent here. If you actually wanna know the reason why, you can click right hur.

Here's the upshot: between never being indoors during the summer to holding down a part-time night job to finally being paid to write in some capacity, I now have little to no time for recreational blogging. What precious little time I have is being invested in my second novel.

Sometime this winter I'm hoping to start up a website to try and better monetize the massive body of work you see here and create a home for my new reviews and session reports. Until that happens (assuming it ever does), this blog will serve as the default vehicle for anything that might result from the surplus of free time that inevitably comes from being trapped indoors all winter.

In a vaguely related point, if you read this and you have it within your power to pay me to write about game-related things, please feel free to contact me. Sure its great to get paid for writing about innovative companies and medical breakthroughs, but you know me. I'd much rather be talking about board games.

Take care and I'll see you somewhere down the road!