Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dioramas & Dragons

Years before I got into D&D I was completely bespelled by the following ad that appeared in the December 1982 edition of Starlog magazine (Number 65):

I can barely find any information about these things online.  Did anyone out there own one?  Or both?  Does some lucky jobber out there still have these "Action Scenes" tucked away in a basement or attic?

What monsters, characters and props were included?  Did it take a long time to assemble?  Did you paint it?  Did you *gasp!* actually use it in a game?  If so, how did that go?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just super-intrigued. 

Comments, photos and related links are more then welcome... 


  1. That does look cool. Prompted me to google it immediately. Not much stuff out there, as you said. Found this, though, regarding the ad above:

    And this, where he talks in more detail about another set he owned:

    Check out the comments for answers to some of your other questions. :)

  2. Wow, that's awesome, Maya! Thanks for the links...

  3. Yes, I had both of these when I was a kid; the ad, imagery and overall concept captivated me. I was a little too young to grasp D&D rules thoroughly, so didn't really play correctly for a while. And, no, the sets weren't used just put together, painted and placed on a shelf in my room. I still wished I had them. Out of all the toy shows, etc. I've been to pre-internet and during, I've not only never seen these, but with those I spoke with haven't even heard of them.