Friday, February 3, 2012

"MEQ 2" : The Quest Not To Do Something Stupid

Well, after the component-related fiasco that was our first game of Middle-Earth Quest, all four of us unanimously decided to have another bash at it this week.

Here were the roles this time out:

Andrew...Thorin           Dave....Eometh
Dean.....Argalad           Chad.....Sauron

In Part I of this session podcast:
  • I attempt to take out the Black Serpent after a false start. 
  • Andrew's early efforts get ham-stringed. 
  • Dean travels There and Back Again.
  • Chad Vader does evil stuff.

In Part II:
  • Dean deals a death-blow to the wounded Serpent and then has to wade through hip-deep  corruption, er, I mean influence.  
  • I cock up the "Rest" rules yet again and then bake up a pan of healin' muffins.  
  • Andrew makes every effort to put snagas on Middle-Earth's engangered species list, circumvents a monster trap and then becomes distracted by Penguins.  
  • Sauron reveals that his boundless evil is only matched by his atrocious taste in music.

Part III "Highlights":
  • An "Unexpected Betrayal" extends my recovery time and I show just how honor-bound I am by politely pulling my canoe over when a Southron inquires into the possibility of ganking me.  
  • After paging "Mr. Crebain", Dean gets hambushed by Sauron's Mouthguard.  
  • Andrew finally ponders the possibility of doing something.   
  • News flash: Sauron still evil.

In Part IV:
  • My hand is forced against Kevin of Gorgoroth.
  • Andrew tries to avenge me but I end up avenging him.
  • Dean tries to avenge himself.
  • Chad proves that you can't keep a good villain down, especially when it involves the Hero's victory condition.  

In Part V:
  • One of Sauron's drones proves to be about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.
  • Dean manages to kill his arch nemesis but then promptly walks into a discarded rake "Sideshow Bob"-style.  
  • Andrew ponders the lucrative possibilities inherent in party betrayal.  
  • We realize, all too late, that Evil is surging.  Mercifully,  Evil is also very absent-minded.   

Photos by Chad Seward.

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